Cross Country Preparation and training

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Cross Country Preparation and training

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The 3 Youth Flight Canada scholarship members, 18 - 20 YO and trained to license but the Air Cadets, are advancing their airmanship skills transitioning to the K-21 from their previous 2-33 training. And while we are flying, they are practicing some of the skills they will utilize for developing into soaring pilots.

The FAI, the world body that governs our sport, has provided a sequential series of tasks and 'Badges' to recognize the accomplishments. The first level is the Bronze BAdge, which covers the skills needed to find and use thermals and then to link them together to cover great distances. But this level is beginning with the Basics:

Exercise and Type (Air or Ground)
Licence, 10 Hours PIC
2 Hour Flight #1
2 Hour Flight #2
Advanced Thermalling Theory: Ground
Advanced Thermalling Practical: Air Dual
Weather Forecasting Basic: Ground
Flight Computer/Audio Vario: Ground/Sim
Flight Computer/Audio Vario: Air Dual
Off Field Landing Theory: Ground
Off Field Selection: Air Dual
Off Field Circuit Practice: Air Dual
Local Flying Limits: Ground
3 Consecutive Spot Landings: Air Solo
Radio Licence: Ground
Bronze Badge Level II

Off Field Landing Advanced: Ground
Rig/De-rig: Ground
Trailer Operation: Ground
Final Glide: Ground
Final Glide: Air Dual
Advanced Weather: Ground
Speed to Fly/MacReady: Ground
Airspace Review: Ground
Flight Analysis SeeYou: Ground
Extended Local Flying Limit: Ground
Practice Race Track: Air Dual
Practice Race Track: Air Solo

Tony Firmin and I will begin with our 3 YFC scholarship members covering this curriculum, the subjects marked "Ground" on weekly Zoom calls, one hour, beginning at 6:00 pm and starting Wednesday the 16th. Other Instructors/Coaches will assist. The zoom meeting will be open to all club members interested.

I will ost a link later. Please feel welcome. If there are many, we may restrict interaction until later in the meeting, and as One of our YFC members has conflicts with shift work, we will offer a recording for a time.

I hope this will be a successful follow-on to Mark's Tuesday Zooms and the Class of 21

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