Zulu Hotel, Youth Flight Cañada's K-21

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Charles Petersen
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Zulu Hotel, Youth Flight Cañada's K-21

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Today, the YFC-owned K-21, Zulu Hotel, was rigged and Paul Lamont was into the annual when I left, repairing the trim indication.

Although York had some concern about the need for a 2nd K-21 0nline, and whether it would earn back its insurance cost, Youth Flight Canada, which has awarded 3 Scholarships so for this season, has undertaken the financial risk to ensure that a K-21 is available for teaching these YFC members, and as a consequence, there will be prioritized access/use for YFC, and if/when we are again allowed to receive guests on the field, Freedom's Wings Inspiration Flights

If there are no demands for YFC or FWC, York members will be able to use it on a rental per-minute basis, which will help YFC offset the insurance costs at a rate of $1/minute.

I would also prefer, if and when we can offer Intro Flights, that any power pilot is flown in a K-21 with an instructor.

This will also facilitate some of the appetites for extended flights in YSK, but flights in ZH are to be the old maximum of 2 hours/flight single and 2 hours double, IF THERE IS NO PENDING DEMAND from YFC.

Please watch the radio and res[pond to a request to return to the ground if YFC has need.

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