Presidents Report 13th November

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Presidents Report 13th November

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4 members at the club Friday 12th, hoping to return LTX to York and possibly launch a couple of gliders. Unfortunately the main runway still a swamp.
Even though we have done the hangar packing (glider trailers in the small hangar over winter, thanks John Brake and Hugh Douglas) and tow planes in the main hangar with gliders, there may still be a flying day or two in November, if the runway hardens. There will at least be a tow plane, a 2-33 and a K21 at the front.

Meanwhile, under the lead of Paul Moggach, the improvements to the washrooms near the workshop are all but complete.

The communications tower proposal for 5th line appears to have been shot down (listen to the Wellington North council debate elsewhere on this Forum) and Xplornet (via their consultant company Canacre) are investigating siting the tower on 6th line (which is what we proposed to them in the first instance).

Clubhouse has been pretty much shutdown, fridges/pop machine emptied, water off, computers, tv screen put away, Jim Fryett showed up to take the parachutes away and have a couple repacked for next season. Garbage cleared up and the large green WM garbage container has been emptied.

The Board have agreed several of the projects recommended by the 5yr planning committee. Particularly the washroom (well under budget), dealing with drainage issues near the club house and small hangar, cementing the small hangar floor, mobility access to washrooms and cabins, demolishing the old farmhouse near the campground. The expense of these projects is manageable spread over the next few years. However, the board may devise a new tiling project in the new year, and thought must be put into how to pay for that. Increasing fees is one method, but we will be looking at several different options before the end of this year. The Board also voted against the proposed constructing of a new clubhouse, but will be making significant provision for the repair/maintenance of the current clubhouse.

Fleet committee (Tony Firmin) and Planning Committee (Keith Laidlaw) will be putting thought into what tow/glider fleet we would like in a few years time. Quite likely generating a lot of debate amongst Board members. One view is a good fleet will attract members, another view is we need to attract members before we tinker with the fleet. Nevertheless, the tow planes are aging, maintenance costs getting higher and sooner rather than later one or two engines will need replacing. Future membership numbers will determine how many tow planes we need to operate. Financially, we can easily deal with one tow plane engine replacement and probably two. Dealing with a complete tow plane overhaul or replacement would be a challenge however.

As far as I know, there is now no-one staying overnight at the campground. Well, maybe Ken Voort for the occasional odd night of racoon hunting in the clubhouse and main hangar. Unfortunately the racoons seem to have learnt how to avoid Ken's traps better than Ken himself, who got one of his fingers seriously bit by one of the traps (hope all is healing up now Ken).

We are thinking about a club dinner early next year, at an outside venue. However, the covid situation may well mean we will not go ahead, decision time next year.

The club is hopeful, during 2022, of a 2-33 course (Norman Perfect scholarship, driven by Paul Moggach) and possibly a K21 course/camp (99ers, driven by Paul Chalifour) and, not least, the Ryerson glider club throughout the year (driven by Charles and Goetz).

As Tim Wood rightly put it, one of the main attractions of our club is our attempt to operate everyday during the season (weather permitting). Thanks in particular to Tom Fraser in being dogged in keeping us going mid-week.

Thanks to all those who have supported the club in many ways this year, without the significant volunteer effort no amount of planning and budgeting would enable the club to survive in a meaningful way.

Have a good winter!

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