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New Medical Rules TC

Posted: Wed Jan 26, 2022 7:49 am
by Charles Petersen
This, post3ed by Stephen Szikora, on the SAC Forum:
Unread postby szikora.stephen » 24-01-2022 16:22

I just renewed my medical by telephone and I’ve learned something about the process that everyone needs to know. You might want to forward this to your clubs.

Transport Canada is now requiring telemedicals for medical renewals. It is no longer possible to do the self-declarations that were allowed early in the pandemic. However, the rules are being adjusted as things develop. Currently, they will only allow telemedicals for medicals expiring before March 2, 2022. If your medical expires after that date, you can’t simply renew early. You have to wait until they tell us what the rules are for after that date. IMPORTANTLY, a medical is deemed to have expired on the first of the month it comes due, NOT on the actual day of the month that you last had a medical. This is why they specify “expiring before March 2, 2022.” We all need to be aware of this because this is not a new rule.

A telemedical is a 20 minute phone call - answer some questions and have the doctor enters everything into the TC database. The doctor then emails a form which you have to print out and keep with your licence. In my case payment was by Interac email transfer afterward. TC has a list online of all the medical examiners doing these (not all examiners will do it.) You are not required to go to someone in your region as we normally are. I’ll attach a link to the list of examiners doing telemedicals as well as the current rules.

Also important is that if your medical actually expires, you are NOT allowed to do a telemedical. So don’t let it expire and hope to be able to see a medical examiner before the season starts. You may find yourself unable to get a medical at all depending on what the restrictions are at the time. ... -renewals ... #wb-auto-4