Presidents New Year Report

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Presidents New Year Report

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Happy New Year ALL

2021, another Covid year but with several advancements for the club:

Flights were up 50% on 2020 (from almost 600 to almost 900) however a pre Covid good year would see well over 3000 flights;
Flying membership now 65 with total membership 79 (5 more than 2020) However a pre-Covid year would have been 85-110 members;
Professional fixing the club septic (by joining it to the main septic);
The building of a roof and enclosed foyer to the 4 shower/washrooms through volunteer effort;
The disabled access to the washrooms, via government grant.
The successful blocking of the proposed Xplornet communication tower near the old bullring;
The establishment of a formal leasing contract with our farmer neighbour, with enhanced rents and 4 yearly reviews;
The repairs, and making roadworthy, of several club trailers by volunteer effort;
The fabric repairs of the 2-33 in the workshop and the Pawnee at the back of the main hangar by volunteer effort;
Major repairs to several tractors and golf carts, making them fit for purpose;
Improvements to runway 30;
Relatively smooth switch from flight cards to a timesheet at the launch point;
A fair number of students to solo and conversions to K21;
Some C, Bronze C and Silver C legs gained;
The ex YFC twin Grob was finally paid for;
The sale of a twin Grob is being negotiated with an Argentine club;
The work of the planning committee in identifying essential infrastructure repairs/improvements;
The work of YFC in encouraging the establishment of the newly formed Ryerson University gliding club;
The bi-weekly online XC group meetings proved very popular;
Not least, despite low numbers, we maintained a 7 days a week operation when weather permitted.

Thanks to all the volunteer effort involved in the above, if you are interested in the names, review the board minutes in the Forum Archive.

For 2022, the board plans:

Renewed effort at improving the membership numbers, by several means;
Improving disabled access to the cabins, via government grant;
Professional inspection of the abandoned farmhouse, with a view to demolition;
Welcoming of Ryerson University gliding club members to our flight line, following a YSA run ground school commencing this week, along with a YFC sponsored glider simulator based at Ryerson.

Serious consideration of tiling the whole property, with the project overseen and paid for upfront by our farmer neighbour, whereby he is paid back though waiving of rent. If this goes ahead, September/October 2022, we would probably have reduced flying options (but we will try to keep flying through the work). The returns in future years will be 2-6 weeks gain at the beginning of every season, 1-2 weeks gain mid season (i.e. prolonged rain will not be followed by prolonged waiting for the field to dry out, and 2-6 weeks gain end of season. To be discussed further but I would expect it more likely to happen than not.

Of note, any such tiling will most likely assist in management of water drainage issues near the club house, small hangar, workshop and campground.

For 2023 and 2024 the board plans:

Significant repairs/improvements to the small hangar, the roof is in need of attention and the floor/apron will probably be concreted.


The club finances are ok, but need continued careful management. We expect to be in a healthy position as covid effects decrease and membership increases. If covid continues to run rampant the Board may have to consider difficult options. We have some well managed debt (thanks to the Treasurer) and a healthy cash reserve. 2021 had some exceptional maintenance expenses, minimal intro flight income, no formal course income. There will be a full Treasurers report, as usual, prior to the (most likely virtual) AGM in June 2022.


Next month the Board will review our Covid 2022 guidelines for the club and consider relaxing some of the policies. But of course an ever changing scenario. 2020 and 2021 we took a harder line than other Ontario clubs, because we chose to lean towards protection of members against the unknown, rather than financial income (e.g. the 2020 one member per aircraft per day, the 2020/2021 no public, no intros and no residential courses policies).

Further Information

All members are invited to discuss any of the points raised above with any of the Board at any time. The current Board is:
Dave Bax (President and Major Procurement)
Tim Wood (1st Vice President, Club external relations, Glider trailer maintenance)
Rob McCallum (2nd Vice President, Aircraft maintenance)
Keith Laidlaw (Treasurer, Membership and Marketing, 5 year plan)
Stan Martin (Safety Officer, Building and infrastructure and tractor maintenance)
Wayne Hewison (CFI, Youth, Social and campground issues)
Paul Moggach (Runway planning/maintenance, Instructor training, IT support)
Doug Carman (Director of Operations)