Gliders for Sale

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Charles Petersen
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Gliders for Sale

Post by Charles Petersen »

If you've been considering buying your own glider, a couple that you might want to investigate:

One, an HPH Shark with a jet sustainer, for sale in Montreal, so in Canadian registration (big savings), or

Two, a Discus 2T. If you know my glider, CP, this is the same aircraft, but with 15-meter wings instead of my 18 M. It's owned by one of the Florida partners in the Arcus syndicate, including a SOLO 2350 sustainer engine (loud but reliable). Frank has deteriorating vision, hence his decision to join a partner ship in a 2 seat glider. It has been stored when not flying in Frank's hangar. If interested, I can put you in touch with Frank; it has not been listed on W & W or elsewhere.

If I were interested, I'd look at a deal where winter use of the hangar at Seminole Lake FL is included. Cobra trailer too. ;)
John Brake
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Re: Gliders for Sale

Post by John Brake »

Three... a Kestrel 19 located at York Soaring :)
Dave Bax
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Re: Gliders for Sale

Post by Dave Bax »

Four... a twin Grob + trailer located at York soaring (reduced price for York Soaring member).
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