Four Bravo to the Cows

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Charles Petersen
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Four Bravo to the Cows

Post by Charles Petersen »

The French have a wonderful term for an outlanding, - 'Aller aux Vaches', or go to the cows.

But Keith chose a field without cows, (avoiding them is on the SSSLOWW checklist)and Jim Lemke and I went to retrieve him. As always on a retrieve, we had an adventure, figuring out how to get the trailer to the glider, and we stopped at a neighbours farm to ask them to convey our apologies and contact info, in the process terrifying a Mennonite family's women and girls (not often a car, a trailer and 3 men pull into their farm I guess) and found a 'Bake Shop', a covered farm stand with great baked goods for sale. Well, we are on the Butter Tart Trail.

Photos of 4B in Keith's chosen field are at Open in a new tab to view.

And in an improvement on the 'buy your crew a steak dinner' tradition, Keith bought the butter tarts. :D
Keith Laidlaw
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Re: Four Bravo to the Cows

Post by Keith Laidlaw »

Many, many thanks to Jim and Charles for the retrieve. They have been very supportive in agreeing to retrieve if needed and yesterday I put that to the test and can't thank them enough. I must also thank Stan who has been equally as supportive in agreeing to retrieve but yesterday was playing double duty of retrieve crew and team flyer (along with Jim F.).

Stan and Jim got caught in the same overdevelopment as me and while I was on the ground I watched them both hover (one at 1000AGL and other at 2000AGL) for at least 15 minutes before the sky cycled. I learned from them to be more patient and stay aloft even if not gaining altitude. Stan even commented on radio "I see you down there and I might be joining you soon". His patience allowed him to ultimately regain altitude and off he went.

Learn from every experience...
James Lemke
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Re: Four Bravo to the Cows

Post by James Lemke »

My pleasure Keith. I learned about how the LS4 comes apart and goes back together!
Dave Bax
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Re: Four Bravo to the Cows

Post by Dave Bax »

Looked like a great field selection: where you could not go wrong in any direction!
Stan Martin
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Re: Four Bravo to the Cows

Post by Stan Martin »

You put up a good fight Keith and your out landing was textbook. The conditions went to..... in very short order and left all of us in a pickle. I was within one turn for fifteen minutes of joining you. Thanks for letting me know the condition of the field. The information gave me the opportunity to work the best part of zero lift at barely above a 1,000' staying within sight of the land out field.
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Luis Rodriguez
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Re: Four Bravo to the Cows

Post by Luis Rodriguez »

Excellent story from all sides. I certainly like the positive view of that experience from all of you involved.
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