Hangar/T-Hangar Enabling

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Hangar/T-Hangar Enabling

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As a further gliding related facility at YSA, your Board has approved the ownership by members of T hangars on leased surveyed, suitably located building lots.

This T-hangar program is intended to increase flying, increase club membership, avoid constant assembly and dis-assembly of privately owned gliders, avoid hangar rash, and facilitate cross-country flying and competition flying.

The leased lots will continue to be the legal property of YSA ( the Lessor) throughout and beyond the period of the agreements.

The Lessee will have the right to the long- term use of the lot in return for annual rental payments to YSA

Only YSA members and syndicates of members will be eligible to lease one of these lots

The person(s) leasing the T hangar lot (the Lessee ) will be responsible for the design, construction, and financing of their T-hangar. The T-hangar will be the legal property of the Lessee.

The lease will be for a term of 25 years and renewable. It will be transferable among YSA members

At the end of the lease or any possible final renewal period, it will be the responsibility of the lessee to remove the structure from the lot, or transfer it to YSA at terms to be negotiated at that time, and at the option of YSA.

Designs of each T-hangar will be subject to Board approval, which will not be unreasonably withheld. Designs will also be subject to local building codes.

The intent is that construction of T-hangars under this program will not require any financing by YSA, or utilization of other club resources.

This program is intended to increase affordable, enjoyable flying, particularly cross-country flying, and to increase club membership, rather than as a major source of direct rental income to YSA. Annual rental payments will be comparable to glider trailer occupancy fees.

The lease agreement will contain customary provisions for agreements of this type, based on best practice at other gliding and flying clubs.

Questions or expressions of interest should be directed to the YSA Board