Reservations Monday 21 June to Sunday 27 June

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Sarah Tengler
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Reservations Monday 21 June to Sunday 27 June

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The club will enable a reservation system again this year, primarily mid-week only.
The covid situation this year is less problematic than 2020, we return to multiple pilots per aircraft per day.

Aircraft may be reserved for a maximum of 2hours. (we now have 47 flying members)
The LS4 may be reserved the whole day, if it is a good XC day, otherwise 2 hours.

Of course you may also fly any aircraft not reserved on other days too.
Ground operation will support badge attempts where practical.

Weather permitting, tow pilots, instructors 2-33 and K21 will be present every day.

Monday June 21

Tuesday June 22
Tow paul c

Wednesday June 23
LS4 keith laidlaw
1-34 jim lemke
K21 (YSK) alex karmanov

Thursday June 24

Friday June 25
Dubious weather
Tow doug
K21 (YSK)

Saturday June 26
tow Mike Collier
PW5 Alex checkout with Wayne

Sunday June 27
Tow cole

Please note, we will also experiment with google booking, via the MEMBERS section of the website, details of this already emailed to all members. We experiment with Google in parallel to the Forum booking (Forum takes precedence during May/June). If google becomes interesting/accepted by members, we will switch to the google system, if not we will continue here. Sarah will copy any google booking to the forum. You may also just respond to this thread with your bookings, which will be applied within 24 hours (just like last year). K21 can only be reserved on the Forum this week, next week Forum or Google.
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